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Our Purpose

Operation Feed ATL is here to combat food insecurity by building an army of volunteers dedicated to providing food to families within the Atlanta Public School (APS) system.

Operation Feed ATL (OFA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting our local Atlanta Public School (APS) community by providing food to students and their families in need. Along the journey, we provide volunteer leadership and personal growth opportunities for teenagers via our Ambassador Program where they learn the value of volunteering, facts about food insecurity in the community while helping to fulfill their community service obligations.

Our Mission

The Mission of Operation Feed ATL is to be a reliable and consistent food resource partner to the Atlanta Public School community. Our aim is to provide hunger relief to children and their families throughout the Atlanta Public School System who might be facing food insecurity. We do this through a network of volunteers who procure food donations and host food drives and distribute throughout the community.

Who We Serve

Operation Feed ATL (OFA) provides food resources, serving multiple constituencies. OFA is not a food bank or a food pantry. But rather, Operation Feed ATL is taking a modern approach to food distribution in Atlanta.

Atlanta Public Schools students in need of supplemental nourishment
Many Atlanta Public Schools students are in need of help outside of school due to food insecurity, which is the lack of available financial resources for food at the household level. This is where Operation Feed ATL looks to step in and provide assistance.

School teachers, counselors and social workers
Operation Feed ATL works directly with Atlanta Public Schools faculty and partners, providing them with the resources they need to support the kids in their schools as quickly as possible.

Local non-profit and support groups with similar missions
Operation Feed ATL partners with other non-profits and food distribution groups so that we can provide the largest positive impact in the Greater Atlanta community.


In 2020, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic were being felt across the world and had both global and local implications. For public school students in the City of Atlanta, that meant adjusting to attending school virtually almost overnight. That transition posed multiple challenges for families, not the least of which was the 78% of Atlanta Public School students who rely on the schools to provide breakfast and lunch daily. This is when Operation Feed ATL was founded. Inspired parents and teachers came together in March 2020 to bridge the gap.  At first, it started as a community of volunteers rising up to (literally) drive food to homes and communities, but when students began returning to schools in 2021, OFA accelerated its impact, supplying schools with additional food supplies for children in need and building pantries in the schools themselves. In March 2021, OFA received its official 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization.

Operation Feed ATL is committed to lessening the impact of food insecurity experienced by students in the Atlanta Public Schools system. We hope you will continue support us and our mission.

Board Of Directors

Briana Summers
Michelle Martin
Past Chair
Courtney Benner
Faculty Engagement
Hallie Olsen
Community Engagement
Chris Butler
Marketing and Strategy
Jennifer Kramer
Organizational Strategy
Cali Howerton
Director of Events



Operation Feed ATL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Donations are tax-deductible.



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