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Operation Feed ATL (OFA) established the Ambassador Program to give high school students the platform to grow their leadership skills while giving back to the communities in which they live. Students help activate Operation Feed ATL’s empowerment pillar by assisting the Operation Feed ATL Board of Directors with critical tasks, learning the ins and outs of running non-profit organizations, and learning first-hand the impacts of food insecurity. 

Operation Feed ATL Ambassadors come to us via word of mouth volunteering or the community service requirement needed to graduate. These Ambassadors are the lifeblood of OFA as they help us build the hundreds of food bags and boxes we distribute each month. In return, Ambassadors are exposed to not only the food insecurity issue that is a reality to their fellow students and younger kids in the community, but also to valuable leadership and management opportunities as they learn what it takes to run a nonprofit organization.  

Since day one, OFA has seen our Ambassadors grow in their passion for community service, their understanding of the issues that exist in their own backyards, and most impressively, in their belief that they can make a difference. Here are some excerpts we have received: 

Volunteering with this organization has been such a neat opportunity in my life and has made me so much more aware of the families out there who are struggling. I think it is so easy to become self-centered and forget that there are other people struggling out there while you have everything you need. This is a really humbling experience and really pushes me to put myself in other people's shoes to relate more with them and what they are going through. I am so incredibly thankful for this amazing experience and I'm so glad to be part of the team!

After (…) service learning with operation feed, it has helped me understand what underprivileged people need and how I can help give them...Overall, this learning has made me more understanding of what I can do to help people that need it more than I do. I also have discovered that I plan to do something similar in college. I want to continue to help people in any way I can. While interviewing for college I have asked all of them what service they have to see if it is something I can participate in to help others. Ultimately I am very happy with what I have done and this (...has become…) one of my favorite things I do each week.

The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be detrimental for people everywhere and forced many people to face food insecurity. Operation Feed aimed to distribute food to families who needed the food, and give the food to children in school. Through my research I discovered how bad the hunger crisis is because of the pandemic and how many people have been experiencing hunger because of it. I did not know this going into my work with Operation Feed but I feel even better working with them knowing that I'm helping solve this problem.

The Board at Operation Feed ATL continues to be honored and privileged to work with our Ambassadors. These leaders of tomorrow inspire us every day to continue our important mission of being a reliable and consistent food resource partner to the Atlanta Public School community. Watching the Ambassadors grow through their volunteering with OFA, and be inspired to continue that service mindset going forward, is as rewarding as anything we do.

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